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Karen Armstrong*
Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
John Dominic Crossan
The Dalai Lama
Bart D. Ehrman*
Norman Fischer
Jonathan Glover
Manly Palmer Hall
Carl Jung
Thom Hartmann
Counseling: Jack Kornfield
George M. Lamsa
Jean-Yves Leloup
Martin Luther King
Gerald Massey
G.R.S. Mead
Marvin Meyer
Mother Teresa
Elaine Pagels
Pope John Paul II
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Gershom Scholem
Frithjof Schuon
Huston Smith
Edmond B. Szekely
James D. Tabor*
Neale Donald Walsch
Evelyn Underhill
Online Version Mysticism
Gary Zukov

History of Religion
History of Fundamentalism
History of Jesus
The Jesus Dynasty*
The Jesus Sutras
Armstrong's Histories
Pseudo History
Da Vinci Code Books*
Bible Study
Bible as Literature
Bible Study Companions
Bible Symbology
Bible Apocrypha and...
Bibles Interlinear
Who Wrote the Bible?
The Essenes
The Jesus Sutras (China)
Leloup Gnostic Translations
Lamsa Bible
Angels and Saints

Counseling: Jack Kornfield
Stanislav & Christina Grof
Healing Pastoral Abuse
Death and Dying
Art of Healing
Karen Armstrong Memoirs

Father Paul Reads

What did Father Paul read?
Friends of the 60's
Gerald Massey and...
Books (1809-1941)
Gnostic Gospels & ...
Gnostic, Jung & Hoeller
Pagels Histories
Judeao-Christian & Gnostic Jewish
Gnostic Scripture
Gnostic Reads

Marian Readings
Mary Magdalene
The Jesus Sutras

Leloup Gnostic Translations
Pocket Books
Desert Fathers and Mothers
Conversations With God
Taking Our Places
Leloup Gnostic Translations

Metaphysics & Mysticism
Classic Metaphysics
Classic Mysticism
Mystic Symbology
Gary Zukov
Manly Palmer Hall

G.R.S. Mead
Evelyn Underhill
World Issues
Ethics & Global Concerns
Humanity: A Moral History
Dalai Lama
World Religions
World Oneness
Buddhist / Hindu
Jewish & Christian Mysticism
The Jesus Sutras
Zen Buddhist